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Mujeres Poderosas Group’s story

The group named Mujeres Poderosas was formed by friends and neighbors from the city of Asunción who joined together. Today they are in their 11th loan cycle in the women’s committee program, where they all strive to be able to get ahead and offer their families a better future.

Nilza Beatriz is a member of the committee. She is a self-sacrificing woman who sells natural medicines as a street vendor to be able to contribute to her family and be able to give them everything they need for a decent life.

Her stand is modest, but she struggles to continue working and, in this way, to be able to improve and continue with her sales, struggling to meet her family’s daily needs.

She asks for this loan to purchase natural medicines to sell, to be able to continue with her sales and, so, to fill her customers’ orders.

In this group: Patricia Lorena, Elizabeth Dominga, Andrea Carolina, Blanca Concepcion, Laura Iracema, Lidia Carolina, Nilza Beatriz, Epifania, Josefina Elizabeth, Ana Karenina, Silvana, Leticia Soledad, Graciela Noemi, Rossana, Dora, Paola Noemi