Job #2108 Silverdale Transit Center

Tilt up building is complete. Storm drainage is complete. Gravity block walls are being installed. Andrew has been coordinating our many subcontractors. Gary and Ken have been filling in all the details for SCI!

Job #2212 Canyon Road East

This is Jon’s first full project as Foreman and things are going well! Finishing up the wall (including all revisions) and coordinating the phasing of the project.

Job #2201 Shoreline Place/Town and Country

In final phases of restoration, but the project “next door” is just starting up. This was Rob’s first project with SCI. Scott Tuengel and Allison Srdar also helped out with these projects.

Job #2205 I-405 NE 132nd Street Interchange

18″ Sewer has been completed. 12″ and 8″ Watermain almost done. This has been a very challenging project from start to finish. The CREW deserves a lot of credit for perseverance and stick-with-it-ness!

Job #2310 SR 18 Deep Creek Interchange

Challenging weekend closure for installation of box culvert under highway. KUDOS to George Peabody and Ken Bowman and GREAT JOB to CREW for 72 hours of straight dedication and team work!

Job #2301 Federal Way Memorial Stadium

Finishing up miscellaneous items. Project almost complete. This was our first project with BNBuilders and it went well! Thanks crew!

Job #2209 FTV Hangar (Paine Field)

Completed excavating and back filling Vault #2. Working on subgrade for Tarmac excavation and backfill of building footings, plumbing and electrical under slab.

Job #2307 Ave D Utility Project

Completed sewer and water installation. Installing storm drainage. Completing project in next few weeks!

Job #2305 Olympic Middle School Athletic Fields

Completed demolition and clearing and grubbing. Installing storm drainage and other utilities.

Job #2304 Illahee Middle School

Completed demolition of existing facilities. Have begun building excavation. SCI is working for the Mechanical Contractor as well.

Job #2303 Golf Club Road Water and Wastewater

Completing sewer and water installation on Lacey Boulevard. Beginning roadway regrading and paving. Moving to Phase 2 utilities on Golf Club Road. Movin’ right along.

Job #2210 76th Avenue South – North Segment

Project almost complete. Ken Brumley and Ken Bowman, and Gary have done a lot to close out this project. City of Kent loves SCI, so thanks for closing this out successfully!

Job #2206 Woodbridge Buildings A&B

Onsite work completed. Completed two WSDOT pavement repairs. Completing right of way work on Weyerhaeuser Way. This project has had numerous permit and design delays. It is impressive to see if you drive by on I-5. Hoping to be able to just buildout the rest of the project.

Job #2302 Baker View Logistics Park

Completed mass excavation. Gravity block walls utilities are almost complete. Beginning to grade for paving. This was a major Trucking Show!

Job # 2208 Bridge Point Offsite

Storm drainage has been completed. Arch culvert has been completed. This job had a significant change order to add pin piles and many design revisions. It is one of three projects SCI is doing for Sierra.