The lore of the company fig tree. 

Back in 1949 when Armondo’s family settled in the SeaTac area, homesteading and farming at the current site of the SCI Equipment Parking Area and Maintenance, “Mondo” planted a few fig trees.  The tree starts apparently were taken from one of his uncles in Burien from a tree that was brought from Italy.

Every fall the birds and avid fig lovers come to gather the harvest, which is always chocked full on this tree behind the original homestead.

Mondo is known for his advanced farming skills and this tree is a testament to his long term gift of producing in abundance.  

Shown here is Mondo and one of his many grandchildren, Estella, next to the “Fig Tree”.  The generations of the Scoccolo Family continue and the tree bears witness to the annual harvest shared with all of their employees, friends and family members.